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Our English Language Arts Department also encompasses our Reading, Speech, and Foreign Languages classes.  Course offerings include Reading I & II; Spanish I & II; Speech I; English I, II, III, and IV; English I, II & III G/T; English I, II, III, and IV (Honors); and English IV DE.  

Students enrolled in English IV DE receive credit for English 101-102 from Louisiana Delta Community College.  Students must have at least an 18 in English on the PLAN and/or ACT to be enrolled in this course.

This year's faculty includes the following teachers:

Aitken, Jacob --- Gifted English 
Betancourt, Amelia --- Spanish I & Spanish II
Coats, Lyneta --- English IV Honors/Dual Enrollment
Cooley, Elizabeth --- English II, English III
Patterson, Ray --- English I, English II, & Speech
Pealer, Chris --- English I, General Technology Education
Rogers, Karen ---  English I, Reading I & Reading II (Utilization of Read 180 as an intervention for students screened as reading below level)
Thomas, Nicole --- English II, English IV, Credit Recovery Lab