Classroom Procedures


Procedures for Entering the Classroom

1. Enter the classroom promptly, without waiting around in the hallway.

2. Enter the classroom quietly, without running or pushing.

3. Take your assigned seat.

4. Complete your bell ringer assignment as soon as you enter the classroom and take your seat.

5. Await further instructions from the teacher.

  Absent from Class

It is your responsibility to get the assignment the day after your absence, and complete it on your own time.  All assignments must be made up within 3 class periods of when the absence occurred.  Assignments submitted more than 3 class periods later will not be accepted.  Makeup tests must be scheduled with the teacher.

 End of Class Procedures / Dismissal

Students will be given a 5 minute warning when the bell is approaching, at which time they are to ensure that the following is completed:

  1. All desks/chairs/books are returned to where they belong.
  2. All computers must be logged out, and all chairs must be pushed in.  
  3. All areas are neat and trash is thrown away.
  4. All students must be in their seats and remain quiet until the bell rings.

 Visitors in the Classroom

When we have someone come into our classroom who is not part of our class (teacher, administrator, student, parent) you are expected to follow the same classroom rules and procedures.  You are expected to:

  1. Be polite to the visitor, but continue working on your assignment unless told to stop.
  2. Do not talk to the visitor unless he/she is talking to you directly.  
  3. If the visitor needs to speak to me privately, I expect you to remain in your seat without talking until I finish speaking with the visitor.


Early Finishers – Do not talk or disturb others!

If you finish all of your assigned work early, you may:

  1. Extra assignments will be explained for early finishers daily.
  2. Practice typing on one of the many typing games we have available.


Late Work

Points will be deducted for work turned in late.