Math1The Mathematics Department has the following course offerings:  Integrated Mathematics I & II, Math Essentials, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus (Advanced Mathematics), Pre-Calculus (H/DE), Calculus (H/DE), and Mathematics 099 (DE).  

The Calculus class is offered for dual enrollment credit through the University of Louisiana at Monroe.  The Pre-Calculus H/DE and Mathematics 099 classes are offered through Louisiana Delta Community College. Mathematics 099 students can complete this college remediation course during the fall semester and earn College Algebra credit during the spring.  Pre-Calculus H/DE students can earn College Algebra and Trigonometry credit while Calculus students earn advanced mathematics college credit.  Requirements for dual enrollment classes include a student's having acquired at least a 19 in mathematics on the PLAN or ACT tests.  Students in the Mathematics 099 class must have obtained between a 16 and 18 on the mathematics components of the PLAN and/or ACT.