Welcome students!

The beginning of the school year has been a busy one --- we have made adjustments in our course offerings to reflect the Jump Start/TOPS University diploma opportunities.  Biology is now a freshman class, and World Geography is only required for students who are pursuing the TOPS University diploma.  Act 833 has opened the doors for our students with disabilities to earn a high school diploma, and students may graduate with Industry Based Certification in First Aid/AED/CPR, OSHA, and NCCER Core.  

We have new courses this year (some brand new and some returning to our course offerings list);  Speech, Career Exploration, Career Tech, Career Health, Robotics, Developmental Mathematics (Math 099), and ACT Prep.  Enrollment in these classes has also enabled us to offer additional courses:  Sports Medicine I & II, Pharmacy Technology, Applied Music, and Entrepreneurship (to name a few). 

We are excited about the opportunities we have for you, but we want you to know that the responsibility for learning lies with you.  We can offer classes; we can provide instruction and tutoring; ​only you​ can decide that you want to learn and use the knowledge that we have to offer.

May this be a good year for you.  If you need help, your counselors and teachers are more than ready and willing to help you.  If you want to be involved, opportunities exist.  If you want to succeed, you can.