Ms. Hughes

Education is not filling a bucket but lighting a fire.
                             -William B. Yeats, poet


 Hi! I'm Jennifer Hughes, English/Language Arts teacher.  This is my second  year at Carroll High School and my fourteenth  year teaching in Monroe City Schools.  
Throughout grade 5, students will conduct research and write multiparagraph stories and essays, working on employing detailed descriptions, providing ample evidence, and grouping related information as specified by the Writing Standards. Students will respond critically to both literary and informational sources over the course of the year, writing both short- and long-form pieces while honing their appreciation for the nuances of grammar, usage, and punctuation. Revision and editing will play a bigger role in their writing as well. 
I am looking forward to another great year with my students full of learning and adventure.  Please feel free to contact me at the school or email me ( with any questions and concerns you may have.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to teach your child!

*****Remember that AR is very important to student success in Reading.  Please encourage your child to read, read, read!!!