Vision, Mission, and Philosophy


Carroll HIgh School is a "Family of Learning" where our goal is for students to score Good or Excellent on the EOC and an 18 or better on the ACT.


The mission of Carroll High School is to provide a safe environment that is conducive to quality teaching and active student learning.


We, the faculty and staff of Carroll High School, are dedicated to providing an environment which will offer a flexible curriculum that meets the needs of all students and is conductive to the development of those skills necessary for students to become responsible citizens in American Society.

We are committed to a working partnership with the community to integrate theory, practice, technology, and critical thinking skills into the curriculum and to maintain open internal and external lines of communication to ensure that each student has the opportunity to reach his potential as an individual.

We believe the faculty and staff must be aware of changes in society, in education, in technology, and in student needs and must be willing to analyze, evaluate, and modify the curriculum on a regular basis.